Friday, December 30, 2011

Bolt, still breaking records

With 210 days (as of December 30) to go before the London Summer Olympic Games, Usain Bolt is about to set another record. His Social Media numbers have been improving rapidly and even in off season, he seems to be attracting new fans. Bolt's Facebook numbers are moving closer to 6 million and he stands to achieve that before the Games...while on Twitter his number has doubled in less than six months.

Facebook Fans total 5.72 million, while Twitter has shown great growth since May moving from 125,000 then to 328,000. The interaction for Bolt, who talks 'often' to his fans has opened up a new set of opportunities for him. Since November he has added over 87,000 fans on Facebook and just under 20,000 Twitter followers.
Bolt ended the 2011 season unbeaten and has copped several nominations including Laureus Awards (won in 2008 and 2009); Latin American and Caribbean AOY; IAAF top 100 sprinter, IAAF Male athlete of the year. He missed out on the JAAA top prize, but was a contender.
Although Bolt is reaping rewards from the the track he has been making a significant contribution to charity, by pledging his support to the 14th Sigma Corporate Run (February 19, 2012); and continues to support projects through his Usain Bolt Foundation.
Coming up early in 2012...a few major projects will be announced including business partnerships and more charity activities. Bolt and his Racers Track Club team mates are in full preparation mode for the active 2012 track and field season.
He has been also nominated for the RJR Sports Foundation Awards, scheduled for Friday, January 20 in Kingston.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sport Outlook for Jamaica for 2012

As the London Summer Olympics draw closer (223 days to go) there are so many opportunities for Jamaican sportsmen and women to shine in their respective disciplines. The country has exhibited it has potential in a few areas, like
■Lawn Tennis
■Martial Arts
■Motor Racing

Some of those listed above are not Olympic Sporting disciplines, but will have major events to expose the wide range of talent available. Some of the most successful at the international level are Track and Field, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Netball, Table Tennis, Volleyball - based on team standings, scholarships, players' participation in international leagues and media impact.

As 2012 draws closer, the athletes are all preparing to put on a great show and all the support available should be given to create an environment which makes it easier for them to produce great results as we all expect.

Business and Investment Opportunities

The investment opportunity for sport will also be on the country's radar as there are facilities across Jamaica which can help to boost the industry and in fact concretise Jamaica's position, as not only the place which produces world-class athletes, but as a venue for The Business of Sport.

The potential of the Treasure Beach Sports Park which sits on a 15-acre property which can house four football (soccer) fields, three cricket fields with nets, tennis, basketball, netball courts along with a recreational area for play is just one of the many projects available.

The two-day conference on The Business of Sport (May 3 - 6) will be held under the theme 'Stay in the Game' and will highlight the six major areas of how to stay in the game - Legal (contracts), Marketing, Media, Psychology (Maintaining the Competitive Edge), Nutrition and Events will continue to focus Jamaica's priorities. These projects require private and public sector partnerships and should be attractive for potential partners.

Let's support the Sports Industry, one of the Jamaica's best prospects for growth and development - one which require people and can generate well needed funds for the economy.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Usain Bolt - Unbeaten in 2011

Announcers now call him, “the great man", and rightly so, as no known human being has ever run faster. But this season, Usain Bolt may have earned that titled even more so than in past world record-setting years. This season, Bolt’s greatest challenger was not Tyson Gay, or countryman Asafa Powell, but his own limitations as a man. Bolt’s greatness in 2011 was not embodied in an unimaginable time or a thrilling victory, but through overcoming injury and human error to still retain his title as the world’s fastest man.

No less decorated than in years past – posting the fastest 100m time of 2011 (9.76) winning the world championship in the 200m, and bringing yet another gold medal and world record home to Jamaica in the 4x100m relay – Usain Bolt has once again produced a thrilling campaign of races. However, what may be all the more impressive, despite not being in his best form, Bolt completed the 2011 campaign with a nearly perfect record of nine first place finishes – the only blemish being the false-start in Daegu.

6-May-11 Rome 100m First Place 9.91
31-May-11 Ostrava 100m First Place 9.91
9-Jun-11 Oslo 200m First Place 19.86
8-Jul-11 Paris 200m First Place 20.03
22-Jul-11 Monaco 100m First Place 9.88
29-Jul-11 Stockholm 200m First Place 20.03
28-Aug-11 Daegu 100m False-start
3-Sep-11 Daegu 200m First Place 19.4
4-Sep-11 Daegu 4x100m First Place 37.04 World Record
13-Sep-11 Zagreb 100m First Place 9.85
16-Sep-11 Brussels 100m First Place 9.76 Fastest Time of 2011